Thursday, March 18, 2010

Audition Season

So I have been crazy busy with auditions. Everyone is auditioning for there summer shows and there are also alot of Broadway shows looking. I figure since I have been gone for so long I need to put my face out there and audition for everything. I've had some good auditions and had many bad ones. Nothing so far in the horizon but I am still hopeful.

In the mean time I am enjoying not working and enjoying the city. The weather is finally getting nice. So I try my best to be outside as much as I can. The other day after a crazy morning and afternoon of auditions I walked from 34th street to my home on 111th Street. That is over 70 blocks. It was fun! I am an outside boy. Being indoors and lazy can be nice sometimes but I would rather be outside soaking up the sun and being active. I am from Miami after all.

So, my focus right now are on auditions. Send good and positive vibes. I NEED a job ;)