Sunday, November 22, 2009

One more 2 show day to end this week. I can DO IT!

Monday I think I am gonna go to the mountains (The Alps) and enjoy the great outdoors. It will be a great way for me to be in a place where I can be pensive and Thankful. I mean it is going to be Thanksgiving week....and even if I won't be around my loved ones I know that I can be grateful for them and all the blessings in my life!“Because of your little faith. For truly, I say to you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you.”Matthew 17:20

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Demi has(d) hips!

Just read this article on Demi Moore's W Magazine Cover: Click Here! Wait to you see the Photoshopping in her hips...It's horrible!

While we are at it. Take a look at this Dove Commercial. Wow, the things they do to these models!

Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm Flying!

One of the funniest mishaps in theatre I have ever seen. This is a poor High School in upstate NY. I did Peter Pan once and if this happened to us I would have DIED! AMAZING!

Alo! Alo! STOP!!!!

Funny story time. You ready? Brace yourself! Embrace yourself while you are at it.

So during the show the craziest thing ever happened to us. I never experienced this. We are in the War Council Scene/Post "Cool" scene. This is where the Sharks and Jets are having the BIG meeting on where we are going to RUMBLE. So all the boys are on stage and its intense. Bernardo and Riff have decided to "rumble" under the "highway." While this is happening we were noise and alot of commotion coming from the audience. Then we hear a lady scream something in GERMAN and all I heard was "Alo Alo Alo....STOOOOP!" And I was so scared. The only thing I could think of is we are UNDER ATTACK. I have been watching way too many scary movies lately I guess. Anyway, so there is alot of talking and I see ushers with flashlights and people getting up. Meanwhile, the scene is still happening and the 2 saying their lines are still "in it." I was not "in it" I was ready to run my booty off stage. But finally the commotion stops and we finish the scene. I was surprised we didn't stop the show. As we exited the stage I was in shock of what just happened. I thought maybe somebody had a heart attack or fainted.

We later found out that there was a pregnant woman who started vomiting BLOOD all over the place....getting it on a couple of people. Later that show when you looked out in the audience there was a hole where the lady was and the people she threw up on. Sounds horrible, huh? I hope her and that baby is ok. Gotta love LIVE theatre!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Malasia -Truly Asia

So here is what came out of the meeting tonight.

Go HOME January 11th!

BREAK till the end of March.

2nd Leg:
Starting end of March-May 26th 2010

Going to:
Bordeaux, France
Trieste, Italy
Kuala Lumpur, MALASIA!

Pretty cool places!

They are giving us the option to be done Jan. 11th or to re-sign to come back in March.
Now the question is WHAT DO I DO?


This week has been going well. My energy seems to be sustaining. I have been sleeping in more and drinking more water which seems to be helping.

So update on music. I have been looking for some music cause my music library is getting TIRED. And I am found a love for Rascal Flatts. They are a country band with a pop twist. I like them alot. I have also downloaded OWL CITY which I am not sure I like yet and Leona Lewis's new album which is ok. I like some of her songs. But I think my favorite album right now is a band that has been around and that I love to death which came out with a new album recently. TRAIN -Save Me San Francisco. I really like their sound. Keeps me entertained on my walks to and from the theatre.

One of my favorite songs off the album:

Stay Tuned....for important information. Tonight we have a company meeting about our 2nd leg. So far all we know is that we are booked till Jan 10th. This meeting is going to tell what is going to tell us what is to happen after that date. I am excited to know what my immediate future holds ;)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Killer WEEK.

These 8 shows weeks are a killer. It's Sunday night...well actually Monday morning and I am EXHAUSTED. I need to get my tolerance level up. Tomorrow is our DAY off. So I don't plan to do much. Just gonna BE LAZY!
This week not much happened. It's been really rainy and cloudy here in Basel. Food is really expensive. To give you an example. So we are staying in a HOTEL attached to a mall with a tiny food court. It has a sandwich/pizza place, a McDonald's, an Asian place and a SUBWAY. So being the starving actors that we are we try to eat cheap and as healthy as we can. So SUBWAY seems to be the best option for us since we don't stay in HOTEL'S with kitchens in them. So for a FOOT long sandwich combo it is 20 Swiss Fracs!!!! Now keep in mind that the SWISS FRANC is equivalent to the American Dollar. So it costs 20 bucks for SUBWAY! What about the 5....5 dollar....5 dollar footlooooong. Ughh. So anyway, we have been eating pretty poorly. We do have a fridge so I buy PB and J, cheese and crackers, cereal and milk..stuff like that. I can't wait for tomorrow since it's a "free" day to buy a real HOT decent meal at a restaurant.

This week I was introduced to the new ABC television series called FLASH FORWARD. It is really good and I am addicted. I pretty much just watch TV when I am not at the show. Its pathetic but it better than going out and spending money in this really expensive city.

I also have been going to the gym pretty regularly. YEAH! Since being on tour I have been letting myself go. It's SO HARD to eat healthy on tour especially OVER SEAS. I need to stop complaining and just do better...which I have ;) I'm debating if I want to go tomorrow. We will see how I feel.

Other than that. Things are going well. A tad boring and monotonous but not horrible. Let's see if next week will be more productive.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This Is It!

Last night I went and saw This Is It the Movie Documentary about Michael Jackson rehearsing for his upcoming tour before he died. I was moved by it. He truly was inspiring. I couldn't help but to laugh, dance, cry and cherish his last moments as an artists. He had so much passion for his work. It's something I want to have more of. I do find myself just going through the motions but when it comes down to it as artists we are HERE to move and inspire others and in order to do that we need that passion, L-O-V-E, and fire Michael had.

One of my favorite parts of the movie was when MJ said this :

I want to give the world escapism through the wonder of great music and to reach the masses. -Michael Jackson

You are missed Michael Jackson!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween BLEW by: Check out the AFTERMATH.

My Costume:

Some people started to plan a Halloween party and BB Productions, our producers, got wind of it and decided to throw us some money($$$$) so that we get the food and booze and stuff. So last night after our 5 show weekend we had a WSS HALLOWEEN COSTUME BALL. It was so much fun and I had a blast.

Check out the pictures from the party. All the costumes were AMAZING! Beware: Some pics might be rated PG 13.
WSS Halloween Costume Ball