Monday, August 20, 2007

Seeking: 'Ricky Martin-like Tenor'

Irashaimasu (ee-ra-sha-ee-mas)! Welcome! I am starting this new blog to keep record of my experience in Japan and to keep everyone posted on what I am up to since calling won't be the easiest. Hope you enjoy it and hope you try to keep in touch with me.

It's finally happening. I am turning Japanese! lol. I am going to Tokyo to perform for The Mouse. I am excited. This is such a tremendous oportunity to travel and learn about another culture. Oh, and to be able to perform is always a blessing. For those who don't know I was conracted for 7 months to be a principal singer in a theatre show called "Minnie, Oh! Minnie" at the Tokyo Disneyland Resort(TDR) It's a latin style show showcaseing Minnie Mouse. It's a 30 minute show that I think I will do 5X/day. I host/sing the whole show along with my famle Japanese counter part. It should be a high energy and fun show for kids and adults alike. Here is little random fact about the [art I learned before I auditioned. I had laugh a little when I saw the breakdown for the role. The breakdown for the part said, "Seeking for a Ricky Martin-like Tenor that can move and sing in spanish." Aparently, I am the Ricky Martin they were looking for:) I can't wait to shake my "Bon-Bon"

I have been waiting for a long time to leave for this contract. I auditioned for them in the beginning of April and heard a week later that I got the part. September 2nd is the day i leave on a 13/14 hour flight to Tokyo, Japan. I don't think I have ever sat for that long EVER. I might go a little insane on this flight. Lord help me! Anyway, this is going to be fun. I already know a performer out there. So that should make my transition to all this alot easier. One thing I am going to miss is NYC! I really do love all my peeps there, my apartment, my ward(church congregation), and that pizza place by my house. Speaking of food. I hear the food in Japan is amazing. I am excited to try some new things. Raw fish is going to be hard for me. I sure hope they have Claifornia Rolls in Tokyo. That's pretty much all the sushi I can handle oh and I do like shrimp tempura rolls. YUM! I hear sushi is not all they have over there. Thank goodness. I do love me some noodles and rice! Well, I'll be back eating NY pizza in no time.

I will miss you all like crazy. Please keep in touch and I will try to do the same with these blogs, pictures, emails, IM and occasional phone calls. Much Love!

As a sign off I want to ask a question and if you have time to answer it I would love to hear some of your silly answers :)

If YOU were made into a SUSHI ROLL what would it be named and what would go in it?