Friday, February 22, 2008

Jose Can Ju See...

Believe it or not I took this picture in Tokyo. There is a replica of the French gift to the United States The Statue of Liberty in this area of Tokyo call Odiaba. I've heard about it but haven't had a chance to check it out for myself until last weekend. It was crazy when I finally approached it. There were these feelings that came over me. I guess being that this statue represent so much I really felt the impact it had on me when I saw it even though I was in a far far far asian island called Japan. I also thought it was interesting that they had it up with the history we the US had with the Japanese. I know everything is fine now but still a little interesting. It is actually outside this great mall where I found a Red Lobster, Sizzler where I had lunch(I love salad bars) and a Cinnabon which was a really hard temptation to say no to. I had already eaten ice cream that day and just couldn't find it in me to have a huge Cinnabon. But I will be back there soon enough and it will be a party! I can't wait.

Anyway, I also went to a place where I think if my nephew Andrew knew where I was he would pee his pants. Yes, I went to the Pokemon Center in Tokyo and as far as I know is the only one still open. I could be completely wrong. But I know there was only one in the US in NYC but that closed down and turned into Nintendo World or something. Needless to say, if he is a really good boy and when he graduates from 5th grade...he might get some really cool Pokemon stuff that you can only get here in Tokyo at this store. If my sister is reading this, you can tell him about it or keep it a surprise. I am really doing this so I can gain a "cool" uncle status. I hope this works:)

Time is winding down. March 3rd will be the month mark for me to fly back to the good ole US of A. My birthday is coming up next week aslo. March 1st if any of you forgot! ha! I can't believe another year has almost passed since my last one. It is true what they say about how your birthdays keep coming quicker and quicker the older you get. I remember in my YOUTH......when birthdays were such a big deal and you couldn't what when they would come and hated when they would leave. I just want them to stop and never show its face again. Ha! Actually I don't care again aint nothing but a number. I still feel young, new and have a whole world out there for me to explorer. I also want to take this time to give a shout out to my other nephew Chad who is closer to my age than the other. He has a birthday just 2 days before mine on the 28th. Happy Freakin' Birthday! And don't worry no Pokemon Center stuff for you but I will still try to find something just as cool.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Giving Life a Chance

Ordinary People by John Legend sung by yours truly

So this is my Valentine's Present for those 2 people who read this. lol. I was really embarrassed and nervous doing it and putting it on here for the world to see. *blushing* comes the excuses. So I ran out of batteries and only had 2 takes before my camera died. So this is what you get. There are some wrong notes and there is a point where it looks like I am having a seizure but hey...I was into it:) I hope you enjoy a little of me(my song). I love you all and wish you a very Happy Valentine's Day.

On another note, I have been thinking alot lately about life. There was recently a death in my family. My cousin David died at 35 from a severe Heartatack. It was sudden and shocking. It was hard to not be with the family at this hard time and being so far away. I hope they know that I love them and wished I could be there. Death really makes you reflect on life and how we need to embrace every moment we are blessed with here on earth. We shouldn't let anything pass us by. I guess I have been a little selfish lately not wanting to be here and being in a bad mood wanting something more or better. But you know, we live once and there is so much that life has to offer. I need to take advantage of this time here in Japan and in this life. I know there is alot here on earth I need to learn before I return to my Heavenly Father. Oh IS there alot I need to learn. But I appreciate all the awesome and not so awesome experiences that teach and humble me. I know that my cousin David is in a good place. He was young but I think Heavenly Father needed him and wanted to give rest to someone who suffered alot. Bless him and his family at this time. I sure love you all!

Happy Valentin's Day!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Be Our Guest but......

So the happiest place on earth is not so happy. The residents of E-Villahe(where all foreigner performers live) received a letter in our mailboxes the other day explaining a new policy in which we are not going to be able to have any overnight guests taken effect on April 1st. Everyone freaked out with this news and are NOT HAPPY. I didn't really care cause I haven't anyone visit me and I don't think I will and I leave Aoril 3rd so it doean't concern me. But there are many staying and doing another contract and new guys who don't find this very reasonable. So we had a meeting here and signed a petition to have the policy lifted. We talked about if our petition doesn't go through that we are talking about a STRIKE or all call in SICK one day. Doing that will cause HELL. Disney would have to shut down and they will loose alot of money. Not only that but the press will get of hold of this and will be very bad press for Disney. I don't think it will go that far. I am hopeing they will listen to our concerns and change the policy back to what is was letting anyone stay overnight if they sign in with a proper ID. We will see what happens. The petition is going to the office in a couple of days. I love the drama. A little piece of me wants to do a STRIKE and see how much press it gets. I will stand in front of Disney with a sign that says: "Be Our Guest. Be Our Guest...but you can't stay overnight!"

So the other day there was the first snow here in Disney. It was really pretty and snowed all day. So that equals NO WORK! So needless to say that for this time only in my life I welcome the snow to drop.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Change is Gonna Come

I am comletely obsessed with the Prsidential Elections. CNN is the culprit because it is the only English speaking channel I get in my apartment so it is on all the time. I usually have it on in the background while I get ready in the morning for work and have breakfast and on when I get home while making dinner and while checking my email.

This year's election is so much more interesting than any others in the past. I wish I was in the states so that I can vote and fel more part of it. But I am not and I will support whoever is right for the job in my mind when I get back. I do like Mitt Romney and being Mormon I feel it is my right to back him and give him my vote. But I am more interested in the change Obama and Clinton are offering and campaining with. We are making history and we are all part of it. There might be a woman or a black man for president. Whaaat! I don't think when I was in High shcool I even imagine that would happen in my life time. Wow, I sounded old saying that geesh! I do think it is really awesome. What I hope for is that there are real changes in our country and that we can feel more at ease living in our own country. Some of the issues that I am interested in; The Economy and Health Care. I feel like those 2 things directly effect me. I don't have issurance and because I can't afford it. I think that is very important among the other million things that our country needs like the war in Iraq, Taxes, making college more affordable...the list goes on and on. Let there be change. I usually vote republican but I think I will back a democrat this year. I am not going to disclose who I would vote for but I do have a front runner in mind that I will gladly stand by.

Well, Life here in Tokyo is good. It is still really cold and I stay in doors as much as I can wich is a tad depressing. So needless to say I have spent alot of money to entertain myself so that I don't go completely insane with the same boring routine. I have been taking some dance classes, working out more, reading more, and tyring to really take advantage of visiting all the cool diffrent parts of Tokyo. 2 months left! CRAZY!