Friday, May 29, 2009

The Onion.

On on my 3rd here in Germany and I am loving it. It definitely been exhausting. I am still a little Jet-lagged, I am sore from class everyday. Oh yeah, we take class everyday before rehearsal and every show once we open. Either Ballet or a stretch class. Its going to be good for me. I am so out of dance shape. Anyway, the show i going well. We actually did a full run through of the show yesterday. My second day of rehearsal. It went pretty well I think. At least that is what the Director said. I felt good about especially when I was just taught everything the day before. I had a few mess-ups but overall its getting there. We are going to continue run-throughs until Sunday then we leave on Monday for SaarLouis, Germany for tech rehearsal. I do belive we have some preview performances there also. I am having an amazing time working with the cast and Director. Joey Mcneely(the DIrector) is amazing and really know how to get you in a scene. Let just say I have been crying and in a crazy emotional place for my scnenes for the past 2 days. My character does witness a murder....2 murders, gets his heart broken, and kills a guy. He is kind of an emotional wreck. Its going to be a challenge as an actor to keep it up but I am excited and ready for it.
The Bakery I've been to twice. Dangerous!

So since I've been here I have been waking up pretty early. And so I decided to go for walks around this quint little town. I took pictures my first day here. I found a great church and Wishing Well. I loved it. I even made a wish of my own. This morning I found a little fresh market down by the town square. I decided to buy some cherries to snack on for rehearsal. Trying to communicate is really hard since I speak NO German. But they are kind and helpful. The kind lady that was patient with me while I tell her how many cherries I wanted gave me a gift before I left. After I paid and she handed me my fruit she passed me a huge green onion I think it was. And I gave her a face like I didn't want one of these. But she insisted I take it. So I firgured it was a gift for me from her. I grabbed it and then thought what the heck am I going to do with this onion. I don't have a kitchen. I am not going to eat it raw. Who can I give this to? So then I tried ot give it away to a random lady in the market but she didn't want it. I bet she saw this weird American trying to give a away this random onion. Probably thought I was some sort of lune walking the streets. I thought maybe she will take it cause its a costum to give away onions to complete strangers or something. But no luck. So I took a picture of it and threw it away.
The Wishing Well in town.
Me and my 5cent Euro making a wish

I think that onion represents something maybe it's the universe giving back to me what I am putting out there. Since I am out here on tour in random countries with random languages, cultures and people I decided I want to experience it all to the fullest. I want to learn and grow as a human being by opening myself to the possibilities of what is out there. I truly believe that we are better people when we experience how others do things, communicate, eat, breathe, or jsut live. That onion made me smile. Even though I couldn't use it and it was stinky. I knew it was probably a way for that lady to communicate to me that she was appreciating my business but I took it as she was telling me that everything will be ok. That I will get the hang things out here. Not only do I hope to continue getting back from others but that I can also be the giver. To not be jaded and bitter but to love and give back anyway I can to those around me.
The Onion

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


A statue/art instilation in Donaueschingen

I LANDED! I'M IN GERMANY! I have been up for more than 29 hours with maybe an hour of sleep on the plane and nodding off here and there on the 3 hour car ride to Donaueschingen. This is where we are rehearsing. My company manager says we are somewhere in the South of Germany. I think. Alot of the things were said just went right through me. But the first thing I did when we laded was go eat....and guess where I went.....wait for it...wait for it....BURGER KING! I NEVER go to Burger King but it was between that or some other food that I couldn't figure out and was too lazy to try to ask what it was. It all looked like sausages and beef patties. So I decided against that and went with a Chicken Sandwich and Fries and lets not forget a DIET COKE. Which is called Coca-Cola Light here. hahaha! Also something that is very funny is that every time we passed an EXIT on the freeway it said "AUSFARHT" which means Exit in German and made me giggle inside everytime. I'm immature I know!

Anyway, so we are at the Hotel. I don't have rehearsal till tomorrow and can't go to sleep until tonight so that I sleep through the night. So I am trying to keep myself awake till at least after dinner. I don't know if I can do it. I am so TIRED....that kind of tired that has your head spinning and your stomach churning. Tomorrow is a big rehearsal day for me. They are putting me in all the CHINO scenes. So I have to be on top of flies on pooh! So Hopefully I sleep well and wake up refreshed ready to go.

The Hotel is Beautiful. I share a room with another Shark. His name is Giovanni. I haven't met him yet. But I will soon. I can't wait to meet the cast. It's going to be fun. I am so excited.

It was sad leaving my friends from Evita and my friends from NYC behind. Kelli and Eric two of my best friends came to see me at the airport with the couple of hours I had of layover. It was good to see them but hard to leave them. I wish I had more time with them. But they know I love them.

I am so grateful for the support of all my friends and family on this decision to go on tour. I couldn't do it with out you. Keep me in your thought cause you are always in mine. Have a good day....and HOLY CRAP I'M TIRED! K, I might pass out. Till next time.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Fly me to Germany NOW!

Got a call from my producers from West Side Story yesterday and she told me that they needed to bump up my flight so that I would get to Germany earlier. I was originally flying out Tuesday the 26th in the evening. I am landing from Denver at 4:30pm at LGA. So I would have had an evening and a day to hang with friends and get things done I needed to get done before I left like go to my storage to drop some stuff off. But since I need to get our there earlier I fly out Monday at 9:15pm from JFK and landing Tuesday in Germany @ 11:15 am. So I will be just landing in LGA then taking a taxi to JFK to check in with my other flight. I will be flying all day. Total of 12 hours in the air. Yeah! So exciting.

Anyway, this is happening so fast. I do love it here in Denever and will be sad to leave. But I am aslo excited for my new adventure. Now, I better start packing!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

America's Favorite Pass Time

The other day Brooke, Elena and I went to a Rockies game. We had so much much fun. The weather couldn't be nicer. It was very nostalgic for me. For those who don't know....and it might be a shocker but I used play baseball as a kid and I was pretty good. I started off being horrible! I remember not being able to hit or even throw correctly. But I had a coach who believed in me and helped me become a real good ball player. I was a rare side arm pitcher and overall a great hitter. I remember playing in all-star games and even in the Little League World Series. But when I hit high school I threw my arm out and couldn't play anymore. So got into the arts my other love besides baseball back then. Hence, why I am doing what I am doing now. I wonder if I didn't throw out my arm if I would being playing professional ball right now...interesting thought

I have been blessed to be able to do what I love through out my life. So LUCKY!

Here are some pics of the Rockies game and a SURPRISE picture at the end. ;)

Me in one of my first years playing baseball. lol!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A visit from APRIL!

My friend April from college came to visit. I haven't seen her in a very long time and since Denver is not too far from Utah she decided to swing by and hang out with me. But her visit was full of surprises and alot of calories. I'll break it down in bullets.

Her visit started rough. I found out that morning I had to move rooms because of my leaky water heater. Then when she got here we got into an accident. She got in early Fri morning and we drove to the bank to deposit my check before we had Brunch and while pulling in the parking lot a woman who was looking down at her phone texting or something ran right into us. Did not even see us. We were fine but the front rear bumber and tire were not. She was a very sweet girl and was very accommodating helping us get all the information we needed to get everything done. It took a couple of hours with calling insurances and going down to the police station to file a report.

But we finally made it to Brunch. We went to SNOOZE which is probably one of my favorite Brunch places in the WORLD! I love it here and want TO GO TO THERE everyday.

After that we took a ride to the airport in a tow truck because the car she rented and got in the accident with was not drivable. We picked up our new ride for the weened. WE finally made it back.

Went downtown to the 16th street Mall. Then she helped me move rooms.

After that we had dinner and she came to my show.

The next day I had 2 shows. She came again to my evening show.

Sunday was Mother's Day and we went to this really yummy Crepe place. I then had a matinee

Then after went to THE SKY BAR for the VIEW.

Then to BENNY'S ( a yummy cheap mexican joint) where they gave her a carnation.

Monday we went to BOULDER, had FONDUE. YUMMY!

Went to CELESTIAL SEASONINGS factor, took a tour. That that Tea Company. So FUN!

Then the outlets got massgaes by these Asian men then dinner and a movie at my place.
sunset form parking lot of Outlet Mall
Tuesday we had brunch at Lucile's then she went home.

We did alot and ate alot. It was FUN! Thanks for visitng April.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Out of ORDER!

My Compuet is in the HOSPTIAL. Yesterday morning about 9 am. I tried to start it and it never opened its eyes. But don't worry I went to the Apple Store and they said it just needs new software. I don't lose anything. Thank GOODNESS! But in the mean time I am out of commission until I get my baby back. This weekend was crazy and I have alot to write about. Here is a pre-view:

Room Change

April Visits and sees my show

Alot of good Food

and a ride in a TOW truck.
Oh MY! What a WEEKEND!
See you soon!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

These are the lovely Mothers in my life. You have my sister Yolanda, other sister Betsy and mom (aka mom). What I really love about them is that they love me and have supported me through out my life so far. They are not only my "mothers" but they have children of their own that they are doing a great job with and love whole heartily. I am grateful that they are in my life especially my mom who sacrificed alot to bring me into this world. She had a lot of complications having me. She was in the hospital 6 months of her pregnancy with me because they had to monitor us both. But thank heavens we both made it out alive :) Thanks again moms for being there for me! Have a WONDERFUL day! Love YOU!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Casa Bonita!

So I went to the real love Casa Bonita yesterday and all I have to say is OH MY GOODNESS! This is place is so funny. At first look it, it seems like a Disneyland ride. Then you order your very disgusting food and then you just take in the ambiance. The waiter comes by if they see if you have your raised FLAG at your table then he gives you anything you need but more importantly he brings the unlimited Sopapillas which are BRILLIANTLY delicious. I might of had like 5 or 6. I needed it to cover up the horrible taco salad I got. Casa Bonita includes a rainforest/Mexican decor with live cliff divers paired with cheesy shows and a live Mariachi band. This place is huge with an arcade, stage with 30 min puppet shows, gift shop, caves to explorer, a man dressed in a Gorilla costume who we missed, people selling random carival type toys, and so much more. It was ADD Heaven for us theatre types. This place reminded me of a ghetto mix between The Mayan in Utah where they have live cliff drivers and The Rainforest Cafe. This is place to so famous that South Park made a whole episode of it.

Here is a clip from SOUTH PARK called "More Sopapillas, PLEASE!"

Click here for the whole episode

Elena pointing to CASA BONITA!
Kids in our show also in on the fun.
"EATSO much, PESO little" REALLY!?
Waiting in the DISNEYLAND type line to order
Stephen, Bob, Lori and AllanDaniel, Mario, Brooke, and MattyMichelle, ME, Rochelle, and Amber
Do you see the flag? lol!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I found this site called I have been on it all night. SO FUNNY! Check this clip out. I was all alone in my hotel room just laughing my head off. WOW oh WOW!

Happy Cinco de Swine Flu!

Happy Cinco De Mayo! I am so going to get Drunk and eat Mexican food till I burst. Wait! I don't drink. So...I will get all caffeined up off of Diet Coke, grenadine and a lime and eat till I burst! Love MEXICO but not ok with the Swine Flu they are trying to push on us ;)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Late Easter Post: Easter Brunch!

The Boys freakin out cause we had to cut off our side burns for the show. Boo!
Rikki, Allen, Brooke, sexy me, and Rob
Excited over the Easter Spead after Churching it up.
Stuffing my face with the cast. YUM!
One Big Happy Stuffed CAST! Love these guys!

Speakers and Laundry.

I am free! I have an evening and a whole day off tomorrow. So I am thinking how I can spend my well earned money. While my laundry is in the washer I have been spying on this at I need new speakers for my laptop and ipod. The one I have is ready to die. So here they are the iHome mini speakers in RED! SEXY!