Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year from Holland

Let you light shine BRIGHT in the NEW YEAR! Happy New YEAR from Holland! 2010!!!!

This is what I was doing at midnight. Bomb Fire on the BEACH with fire works and good people = AMAZING!
I love you all and wish you all only the best things for you in 2010. 2010 is gonna be GOOD people....gonna be good!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I love these Cinnamony, Vanilla, caremely waffle goodness.

Ladies and Gentlemen introducing STROOPWAFELS. translation: syrup waffles) a waffle made from two thin layers of baked batter with a caramel-like syrup filling in the middle. They were first made in Gouda in the Netherlands, in 1784. Large versions are sold in the streets as a snack.


Monday, December 28, 2009

Yolanda Turns 40!

It was my sister Yolanda's 40th birthday. She had a huge 80's themed party that unfortunately couldn't make for obvious reasons. My nephew Chad who visited me for Christmas and I made a video for her. Check it out:

Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Christmas Video Message!

To my family,

Merrry Christmas! We miss you!

Tony and Chad

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Miracle

My nephew, Chad, gets in today after a huge obstacle. SNOW! He is doing a mini Europe trip starting with Paris then Amsterdam, visiting me then off to London. But he was snowed-in in Paris for a couple days and we were scrared he wasn't going to make it here to Amsterdam. But eventually made by taking an 8.5 hour bus. The snow has subsided and he is now on his way to Schevenigen a town outside of Amsterdam where I am performing. He is having dinner with me today and then coming to the evening show. I can't wait! On Christmas Eve the cast is having a big dinner and then for Christmas we have 2 shows. Chad will see the show again Christmas night. He making it here is a mini Christmas miracle for me. YEAH!

I am so happy to have some family with me on Christmas. It means the world even though I will still miss my family in Miami.

Here is a throw back picture for Christmas that I scanned from my my parents old albums. I love this picture. I must have been 5 or 6 or something. Have a great Christmas EVERYBODY!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

True Meaning

My friend Erin posted this on her blog and I thought it was cute. A little chessy but what Mormon videos aren't. Cheesy or not it helped me to reflect a little on what is the true meaning of Christmas.

Friday, December 18, 2009

It's Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas

So what comes with the Christmas Season....STRESS. A couple things. The internet situation is kind of messy. It costs $35 for 24 hours of internet at the hotel. But we get internet at the theatre but sometimes you get kicked off because so many people are trying to use it. This is a problem when you are in the thick of trying to find an apartment in NYC. You have to act fast and make sure you are on top if it.

I am getting really close in finding a place. A couple of them fell through but still holding on to a couple. I swear this is like auditioning. What makes this really tough is that I am overseas and can't meet these people I want to room with in person. So Skype or emails are my only form of communication along with my friends who go check out the apartments for me.

Anyway, keep your fingers crossed I find a place before I land in NYC in almost less than a month.

It's begeinging to look alot like Christmas though. Starting SNOWING here. Its BEAUTIFUL!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Scheveningen -Dutch pronunciation:


Our last stop of the first leg of our tour. Which now that I say that I guess I should announce my decision in NOT coming back for the 2nd leg. The 2nd leg starts the end of March through May and going to Bordeaux, France, Trieste, Italy and Malaysia(truly Asia). I have my reasons for not signing back on. Some financial, some personal and some just falling my heart. It has nothing to do with me not liking the show or my part. It has been a great couple of months that I will for surely be sad to see end. But with that being said I am excited for the future and what lies ahead.

Being back is fun. Bremen, Germany was great. We were there for 2 weeks and what a cute town. They really know how to do Christmas here. They had Christmas Markets all over the city and they were nothing I have ever scene. Just a beautiful Christmas celebration with a typical cozy European town as your backdrop. The shows went great. We celebrated one of our castmates decision to get married. We had I guess what you will call a minture bachlerate party. Where some people stripped and we gave gifts. She is leaving tour a little early to go get ready for her wedding in Hawaii on Jan 10th(I believe).

So today we bused it to Scheveningen, Netherlands. Just about an hour outside of Amsterdam and IT IS COLD!!! Freezing to be exact. I just checked the weather and it is 25 degrees ℉. This town is a BEACH RESORT. So I think that factors into the weather being a tad bit cooler than normal. Internet is really expensive at the HOTEL. I just paid 22 Euro($34) for 24 hrs. We are hoping the company does something about this. Because it's the Holidays and we need our internet to communicate with our loved ones. Speaking of loved ones. My nephew CHAD is coming to visit in about 6 days. I am so excited. He is touring a little around Europe and stopping by Amsterdam. I am excited to hang out with him this Christmas and have him see me perform. That means alot to me.

I have been busy lately looking for an apartment back in NYC. And actually I gotta go because I have a friend checking an apartment right now for me and I want to call her while she is doing a walk through. Later.

Here are some pics from the Bremen's Christmas Market:

Friday, December 4, 2009

Surprise Thanksgiving

Some of you might know and some of you might not. But I had Thanksgiving OFF from tour. Our kind producers surprised us a while back after a show and told us they will be sending us all HOME for Thanksgiving week since there were no shows scheduled. I have kept it a secret since then because I knew I wanted to SURPRISE my family. That's why I didn't make mention of it in the blog.

So the week of Thanksgiving I went to NYC for a day to take care of some business then I flew to MIAMI to see my family. The only family member who knew about was my 25 year old nephew Chad who was my accomplice. He picked me up from the airport and then we went to surprise the family starting with my older sister Betsy at work then my other sister Yolanda and her kids at home then lastly my mom and dad.

This visit was so much fun and was something I really needed. It was about a year and a half since the last time I saw them. Catching up and seeing my niece and nephews so grown was a treat. I mean my 12 year old nephew ANDREW has an iPhone. CRAZY! And Alyssa my niece is so beautiful and getting so big.

Here is a little movie I made form the footage and pictures of my visit. ENJOY!

Click on FULL SCREEN to see the whole screen.

DISCLAIMER: The individuals in this video were caught off guard and surprised. They may or may not have been looking their best or wearing appropriate attire. So, please excuse any offensive language, visuals or actions that may have occurred in this video. Thanks ;)