Sunday, May 9, 2010

Friends in HIGH places.

So my friend Ali Ewoldt who played one of my Maria's on tour with my in West Side Story graduated from Yale University. You know, that little Ivy League school in CT. She was singing at a concert for a benefit for Yale called Sing For Hope. This benefit was organized by Alumns form Yale to give back to the community. Check out if you are interested in learning more. At this concert Ali and other Yale Alums who have been successful in Musical Theatre or other wise performed at a concert to raise money. Among them were Dick Cavett, Emmy Award winning writer, performer, and host of the Dick Cavett show, Sam Tsui, the YouTube sensation who has been on Oprah and other Talk Shows, and many other past and recent Broadway performers. It was a great night. I was excited she invited me. I also enjoyed myself at the pre and post parties. Got to network and meet some great people.

Ali Ewoldt, Sam Tsui and ME!

So I am kind of a nerd and really enjoy Sam Tsui. I love the videos he posts on YouTube. We got to chat at the party for bit and he is a real nice kid. He wants to get a pop album out and some other things going like appear on Glee and return to Musical Theatre. If you don't know who he is or don't remember here is some of his stuff.

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Anonymous said...

Nice to have friends in high places. I check out Sam and he is great. I wish you friend great success.