Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Chorus Line Miracle

Don't be MAD people...for the few that read my blog. It's been such a long since I have blogged and for that I apologize. Since coming out here to Forestbugh to start A Chorus Line things have not stopped. We only had a week and a half of rehearsal with some scheduling challenges which made it difficult to get everyone together to learn everything and review. But we got it together and opened with few minor bumps.
To give you a better understanding how it all works here I will try to explain. We call this type of theatre Summer Stock and what that means is that the theatre does multiple shows through out the summer. And they open the shows one after another. So while a show is running another show is rehearsing. Now, they have here what they call a Resident Company. They found 16 college age kids at a huge cattle call auditions that they have every year regionally. These kids who are NOT part of the Actor's Union stay all summer and participate in most of the shows of the summer. They also do what they call a Cabaret every night after the show. Which they do in the Tavern attached to the theatre. The Resident Company serve food and drinks while doing 2 short acts of a well crafted themed showcase of great songs. And they have a different Cabaret with every main stage show that runs. Every main stage show runs about 2 weeks. So now running is A Chorus Line with "The Oscar Goes To..." Cabaret which showcases all songs that are associated with movies that won OSCARS.

Anyway, along with that the Resident Company also have to do a children show every Thursday and Saturday. This year they are doing Seussical the musical. They are double cast so they usually only have to do one children show a week. So rehearsals are interesting cause they usually have rehearsal for the next Cabaret while in rehearsal for the next main stage show. Then they do the main stage show that night with a children show once a week. So needless to say they have a ALOT of work. Oh and to tack on to that. They also have to do Chores around the theatre. Like set up the Tavern for the Cabaret or clean up the theatre or grounds of the theatre. They are working these kids ragged. I am so lucky to be part of the Union because I don't have to do any of that. I just do this one show then I'm done. But it is definatley a great experience for these college kids to do alot of shows in a short period of time. They will look back on this time and will appreciate the things they've learned.
(I'm the one with the I heart NY shirt)

I sure wish I had a job all summer though but that's not the case. I AM grateful that I have this JOB and I am having a blast with it. Paul is a wonderful role even though emotionally draining every night. I love doing this show and will be sad when it's all over. I will also miss living in the CATSKILLS. Its so relaxing out here. I know I won't be missing the BUGS. The other day a huge Dragon Fly the size of my hand fly on stage while we were on The Line and landed on one of the actors. The audience was laughing so hard. The actor finally slapped it to kill it and it landed on the stage and was distracting the rest of that act. But that's the charm that comes with doing Summer Stock Theatre out in a barn in the Catskills.

Ok, I think this blog is way to long. Sorry 'bout it! I'll try to post more often so I don't have to write a book every time.

Love you all,


WhiteEyebrows said...

Thanks for the update. Good luck out there with the man-eating dragon flies. You might want to go find a copy of Rip Van Winkle and review the folklore while you're in the area. :)

~*Alina*~ said...

oh my gosh. i am so mad.

JK! so glad you are loving your time on "the line." get back here ASAP so we can go see La Cage. I am dying to see it again!

~*Alina*~ said...
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