Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Give me LIBERTY!

So its going on 4 months on being back from tour. I have been pretty busy. It's been nice. But now that the audition season is slowing down. I am getting bored and more poor. I need a J.O.B. I would prefer in the theatre but right now I think I will have to settle for anything that pays in that GREEN stuff. Anything will do. I do have a job coming up in July but for only 3 weeks. I'm grateful for that job

I have been seeing the dentist also. I finally got my root canal and crown done. So that is over. Woosh! I need more work done but I don't have the cash to finish it all. I found out that if you qualify you can get Invisilign from k9 to k9 for really cheap like $1,000 bucks. I was really excited cause I wanted to do it. But I found out that I didn't qualify due to too much crowding and I would need a full mouth ortho for $4000. UGHH!! I can't afford that! I want to get it done so bad. I will do anything. I hate the thought of borrowing money but I'm at the point of looking into it.

Anyway, past few weeks have been good. Just auditioning and working on getting my body into shape for my next project in A Chorus Line. I also had the opportunity to see a good friend of mine April in Philly(the birth place of out country). She just married in Utah and I was not able to attend because of the cost of flights but she was in Philly the week after because her NEW Husband's work. So I took a cheap bus to Philly and hung out for the day. We had a great time and had some good food. YUMMY! I wish April and Kevin a very blessed marriage.
April and I at the Liberty Bell

Sipping on Some Frozen Hot Chocolate

I didn't like it that much.

The Happy Couple. They are so cute!

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